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I've constantly found what I wrote in this section is outdated often. So I'll keep it more generic. Our son is over 1 year old. CBC has grown a lot.

For our recent happenings, check out our xanga blogs (although we haven't been doing much update -- we promise more to come):
Jian's xanga, Donna's xanga, and friends from CBC.
 Photo Album

Don't have much recent pictures, other than Timothy's. Not that we're child centered -- we don't have too many other pictures that we can take.
: Timothy - Who's Counting?
: Tustin Flock - Camp Out at the Seos
 Xanga Watch

Do you want to see eugene87 pose like cinderella man russell crowe? Well, here's your chance to see him. And don't forget to check out the Buena Park Flock look-alike, featuring Francis as wayne brady.

: Tustin Flock Notes
: Other Teaching Notes
 Misc. and More...

: My Technical Notes
: Thought of the Day
: Fun Posts

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Photo Story : China

Tourists ride on camels in the Singing Sand Dunes in northwest China. With better tourism conditions and promotion, more and more tourists have been attracted to the desert region.
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