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后舍男孩 湖南卫视

后舍男孩 - Part XII - 分开旅行

后舍男孩 Back Dormitory Boys Special

后舍男孩 - Part XI - Don't Lie

后舍男孩 - Part X - 不得不爱

Two Chinese Guys - One of Them is not Chinese

后舍男孩 - Part IX

Two Chinese Guys - Part VIII - Remix

Two Chinese Guys - Part VII - Chinese Opera

Baby Got Bible

The Original Call for Help Blooper

Yes, this really happened on live TV - TechTV (R.I.P.)'s Call For Help hosted by lockergnome.

Crazy Asian Mother by Erick Liang

How Asian parents really act when their childrens get B+...

 Huanga @ cafenite - Fun Stuff