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Thought for Friday, Mar 30, 2007

Prosperity depends more on
wanting what you have
than having what you want.

-Geoffrey F. Abert
The (Other) TFTD March 28, 2007
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Thought for Thursday, Mar 29, 2007

Of what you see in books, believe 75%. Of newspapers, believe 50%.
And of TV news, believe 25% -- make that 5% if the anchorman wears a

Thought for Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007


I can read your mind, and
you should be ashamed of yourself.

Thought for Tuesday, Mar 27, 2007

Blamestorming - Sitting around in a group discussing
why deadline was missed or a project failed and
who was responsible.

-GCFL.net Office Vocabulary
Received from FranCMT2

Thought for Monday, Mar 26, 2007

"I haven't lost my mind; I know exactly where I left it."

Thought for Friday, Mar 23, 2007

Blore's Razor:
Given a choice between two theories, take the one which is

Thought for Thursday, Mar 22, 2007

Golden Oldie

If you wait until you can
do everything for everybody,
instead of something for somebody,
you'll end up not doing anything for anybody.

-Malcolm Bane

Thought for Wednesday, Mar 21, 2007

Golden Oldie

First Law of Political Campaigns:

If there are twelve clowns in a ring,
you can jump in the middle and start
reciting Shakespeare, but to the audience,
you'll just be the thirteenth clown.

-Adam Walinsky

Thought for Tuesday, Mar 20, 2007

Golden Oldie

We should be careful to get out of an experience only the wisdom
that is in it - and stop there; lest we be like the cat that
sits down on a hot stove-lid. She will never sit down on a hot
stove-lid again, and that is well; but also she will never sit
down on a cold one anymore.

-Mark Twain

Thought for Monday, Mar 19, 2007

Extract from Official Sweepstakes Rules:


To claim your prize without purchase, do the following: (a) Carefully
cut out your computer-printed name and address from upper right hand
corner of the Prize Claim Form. (b) Affix computer-printed name and
address -- with glue or cellophane tape (no staples or paper clips) --
to a 3x5 inch index card. (c) Also cut out the "No" paragraph (lower
left hand corner of Prize Claim Form) and affix it to the 3x5 card
below your address label. (d) Then print on your 3x5 card, above your
computer-printed name and address the words "CARTER & VAN PEEL
SWEEPSTAKES" (Use all capital letters.) (e) Finally place 3x5 card
(without bending) into a plain envelope [NOTE: do NOT use the the
Official Prize Claim and CVP Perfume Reply Envelope or you may be
disqualified], and mail to: CVP, Box 1320, Westbury, NY 11595. Print
this address correctly. Comply with above instructions carefully and
completely or you may be disqualified from receiving your prize.

Thought for Tuesday, Mar 13, 2007

Golden Oldie

May those that love us, love us;
and those that don't love us, May God turn their hearts;

and if He doesn't turn their hearts, may He turn their
ankles so we'll know them by their limping.

-Old Irish Toast

tftd resumes on or about Monday 2007/03/19

Thought for Monday, Mar 12, 2007

Golden Oldie

No time for your health today;
no health for your time tomorrow.

-Irish Proverb

Thought for Friday, Mar 9, 2007

dot dot dot

But, I have to draw the line somewhere.
The misuse of "literally" has really
got my goat. Metaphorically of course
(not literally), as my goat is still in
the paddock. I am bombarded (metaphorically)
by it every day.

A quick Google of the news gave me a
good sample. I was told that the Bush
Administration has been on "a massive
spending spree in Iraq, literally
throwing tonnes of money at problems".
A veteran of Australian Antarctic
expeditions explained how the discovery
of the ship Thala Dan had "literally
blown us away". My 10-year-old often
claims to literally laugh his head off.
I hope he picks it up before I tread
on it. I am surrounded by parents "literally
bursting with pride" and their children
"literally bubbling with excitement".
Things could get unpleasantly messy.

dot dot dot

-Sally Brownlow
February 28, 2007
The Sydney Morning Herald

As reported in
AWADmail Issue 251


Thought for Thursday, Mar 8, 2007

Golden Oldie

One of the most wonderful architectural features of
any baseball park is that no matter where you sit,
you're within earshot of a comedian.

-Bill Vaughan

Thought for Wednesday, Mar 7, 2007

Golden Oldie

The SEVEREST TEST of character is not
so much the ability to keep a secret as it is,
when the secret is finally out,
to refrain from disclosing that you knew it all along.

-Sydney J. Harris,
Field Newspaper Syndicate

Thought for Tuesday, Mar 6, 2007

Golden Oldie

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation,
the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.

-P. J. O'Rourke
(From the Henry Cate, III
Life Collection)

Thought for Monday, Mar 5, 2007

Golden Oldie

The problem with being an old handball player is that
you get tired OUT before you get warmed UP.

-Clifford Cone

Thought for Friday, Mar 2, 2007

Golden Oldie

I'm not a fatalist. But even if I were,
what could I do about it?

-Emo Philips

(As reported in _The Mouthpiece_ 2001/07/03

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