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Thought for Thursday, Apr 30, 2009

It takes brains to make money,
but any dam (sic) fool can inherit.
P.S.: I never inherited any money.

-November '95 Epigrams of the Day

Thought for Wednesday, Apr 29, 2009

Golden Oldie

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low, and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit ---
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar,
So, stick to the fight when you're hardest hit --
It's when things go wrong that you mustn't quit.

-Edgar Guest
QOTDay 1/8/03


tftd remembers that the Texas Driver's License
Handbook m a n y years ago had a poem by
Edgar A. Guest.

The point of the poem was to remember to watch
out for others even if you had the right-of-way.

one line said (I believe) "young mother soon to
have her baby born". It ended with the line,
It isn't the right of way that counts,
but the simple way of right.

Thought for Tuesday, Apr 28, 2009

It's is not, it isn't ain't, and it's it's, not its, if you mean it
is. If you don't, it's its. Then too, it's hers. It isn't her's. It
isn't our's either. It's ours, and likewise yours and theirs.
-- Oxford University Press, Edpress News

Thought for Monday, Apr 27, 2009

Down with categorical imperative!

Thought for Friday, Apr 24, 2009

Brain, v. [as in "to brain"]:
To rebuke bluntly, but not pointedly; to dispel a source of
error in an opponent.
-- Ambrose Bierce, "The Devil's Dictionary"

Thought for Thursday, Apr 23, 2009

Bolub's Fourth Law of Computerdom:
Project teams detest weekly progress reporting because it so
vividly manifests their lack of progress.

Thought for Wednesday, Apr 22, 2009

Answers to Last TFTD's Questions:

(1) None. (Moses didn't have an ark).
(2) Your mother, by the pigeonhole principle.
(3) I don't know.
(4) Who cares?
(5) 6 (or maybe 4, or else 3). Mr. Alfred J. Duncan of Podunk,
Montana, submitted an interesting solution to Problem 5.
(6) There is an interesting solution to this problem on page 1029 of my
book, which you can pick up for $23.95 at finer bookstores and
bathroom supply outlets (or 99 cents at the table in front of
Papyrus Books).

Thought for Tuesday, Apr 21, 2009

Don.t procrastinate, perendinate.

-A Word A Day 4/19/2009

Thought for Monday, Apr 20, 2009

When you fall in a river,
you're no longer a fisherman;
you're a swimmer.

-Gene Hill
Writer and editor
From the Masters
3 April 2009

Thought for Friday, Apr 17, 2009

Education is learning what you
didn't even know you didn't know.

-Daniel J. Boorstin
DailyInbox Presents
31 March 2009

Thought for Thursday, Apr 16, 2009

A trip to nostalgia now and then is good for the
spirit, as long as you don't set up housekeeping.

-Dan Bartolovic
Bits & Pieces
March 2009

Thought for Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009

With our economy did you put aside
something for retirement?

Yes. I put aside my plans to retire.

-Puns of the Day

Thought for Tuesday, Apr 14, 2009

Appreciation is like an insurance policy.
It has to be renewed every now and then.

-Dave McIntyre
Bits & Pieces
March 2009

Thought for Monday, Apr 13, 2009

Why do puns offend? Charles Lamb, a notorious punster,
explained that the pun is 'a pistol let off at the ear;
not a feather to tickle the intellect.' Surely puns
silence conversation before they animate it. Some
stricken with pun-lust sink so far into their infirmity
that their minds become trained to lie in wait for words
on which to work their wickedness. They are the scourge
of dinner tables and the despised prolongers of office
meetings, some letting fly as instinctively as dogs bark
and frogs croak, no longer concerned even with drawing
applause; they simply can't help themselves.

-From an Opinion Piece by
Joseph Tartakovsky, a
student at Fordham Law School
in the New York Times



tftd resembles that remrk.

Thought for Friday, Apr 10, 2009

Golden Oldie

The Hero died-
But that isn't the end of the story.

-Billboard 'Book Review'
J Kornegay
First Baptist Church, Bryan

Thought for Thursday, Apr 9, 2009

You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win,
and you're never as bad as they say when you lose.

-Lou Holtz
From the Masters
27 March 2009

Thought for Wednesday, Apr 8, 2009

I have been uplinked and downloaded.
I've been inputted and outsourced.
I know the upside of downsizing;
I know the downside of upgrading.
I'm a high-tech lowlife. A cutting-edge,
state-of-the art, bicoastal multitasker,
and I can give you a
gigabyte in a nanosecond.

-George Carlin
Bits & Pieces
March 2009

Thought for Tuesday, Apr 7, 2009

The future arrives an hour at a time.

-Author Unknown
Bits & Pieces
March 2009

Thought for Monday, Apr 6, 2009

We have to abandon the idea that schooling
is something restricted to youth. How can it be,
in a world where half the things a man knows
at 20 are no longer true at 40--- and half the things
he knows at 40 hadn't been discovered when he was 20?

-Arthur C. Clarke
Bits & Pieces
March 2009

Thought for Friday, Apr 3, 2009

How old would you be
if you didn't know how old you are?

-Satchell Paige
DailyInbox Presents:
Fri, 6 Mar 2009

Thought for Thursday, Apr 2, 2009

This novel is fiction,
except for the parts that aren't.

-Michael Crichton _Next_
Disclaimer in the front matter

Thought for Wednesday, Apr 1, 2009

Many people like to think that they'll find
balance AFTER they find success. But in reality,
achieving balance IS success."

- Brian Koslow
From the Masters
27 March 2009

tftd sez, "Balance is a wonderful thing.
Vertigo is no way to go."

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